About Joanne Elves


I’m a born and raised Albertan who was once accused of asking too many questions. But, isn’t that a good thing? I love to know what’s going on, what makes mountains move and what’s under the hood. So, I wander the world still asking questions.

My favourite topics are travel, running, cycling and automobiles. And you know what I’ve noticed? There isn’t enough written under those topics for active adults. So many travel bloggers entering the retirement era write about gentle tours – like cruising or musing the art in a European museum. Yes, very nice. But I’m not there yet. Are you?

Why don’t we find some kick-ass adventures to mingle with the soft adventures? Let’s go cycling through Oregon, or running through France. Let’s hike some gnarly trails in Peru or surf the North Shore of Ireland. Why not stop in Hong Kong to learn about superstitions and beliefs before running the marathon?  We don’t have to do it fast or win the race. We just need to continue to do it.

And what about teaching old dogs new tricks?  I just took up the art of making cheese. No kidding. Why not? My first block of cheddar will be ready in a month. Stay tuned for that!

So I’m pretty lucky – I have a writing career that has my name in the header of many daily newspapers across the country. The latest magazines I’ve been working with include WestJet Magazine, Canadian Running Magazine, Canadian Cycling Magazine, Avenue Magazine. Online you can find me helping out with Troy Media and SeekersMedia.

What else…I have a great family that loves to join me on my journey.

Lucky, huDSC_3495h?





Please contact me for writing and editing services. Jelves@telus.net





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