Under the Hood

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I’ve been on the road all my life and sometime the story is about the road, about the destination or the journey. And, in the case of the Globe and Mail column, its about the gadgets that make the drive more pleasant.

Here are some of my favourite columns and stories.

Calgary 1935 HD RL 45celebrates the history of motorcycles. From the Globe and Mail Drive. The special feature of antique motorcycles is over but I love the motorcycles that were pulled in from private collections for the Reflections in Chrome” exhibit that ran over winter. Take a look at some of the beauties and the beasts.


A vintage caGasAlley 14r buff’s dream come true in Calgary From the Globe and Mail. Heritage Park in Calgary is one of my favourite places. And with the addition of Gasoline Alley, we can visit all year long. The cars and anything related to the history of automobiles in the collection are amazing. What’s even more amazing is – most of the collection is from a single source. Read about it. You’ll love the story and the photos.

Racing throuIMG_9478gh B.C’s back roads leads to a lot of cursing October 08, 2015 Globe and Mail Drive Section. Was I scared…TOTALLY! Would I do it again? In a heart beat!





Model T club of America rolls into Alberta Globe and Mail DSC_5056July 2015.


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